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According to the Nintendo NX specifications which were leaked over the weekend, the new Nintendo console is going to be more powerful than any other console in the current generation. The current reports about the new console state that it will include the NVIDIA Tegra X1.

This means that the Nintendo NX will be powered by as similar system as the NVIDIA Shield which is one of the most powerful tablets available and even gives players the ability to stream PC games to a TV. Considering that the new console will be released in March 2017, it’s possible that Nintendo will upgrade the hardware components.

Reports have stated that the new console will work as an in-house system while also working as a handheld; it’s expected to have two detachable controllers and a docking station.

For the past 3 consoles, Nintendo has used PowerPC architecture which allowed for easy backwards compatibility between the Wii U, Wii and GameCube. There are some concerns about background compatibility with the new chipset however, there are Nintendo emulators available on the NVIDIA Shield.

Nintendo have yet to officially reveal the specifications for the Nintendo NX but if the rumors are correct then this will be a very powerful console.