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PlayStation 4 gamers will be happy to hear that the new PlayStation Plus games have been confirmed for August and it includes two nice little games.

Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy have been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 and so far only Tricky Towers has a release date; players interested in the physics-based action puzzle game can grab their copy from August 2nd.

Rebel Galaxy doesn’t have a release date yet but sends the player on a journey through space to grow their reputation as a mercenary or as a space pirate; it offers a large world of procedurally generated worlds to explore and could keep No Man’s Sky fans distracted while they wait for its release.

More games have been confirmed for the other platforms that use PlayStation Plus also. Those still using a PlayStation 3 will be receiving Retro/Grade and Yakuza 5 this month which are both solid games. PlayStation Vita owners will be able to obtain Patapon 3 and Ultratron.

More games will be revealed for the PlayStation 4 later this month and all PlayStation Plus platforms will see the inclusion of new games as the month goes on.