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Grand Theft Auto players have a lot to look forwards to this month; the first update of the month is due to be released this week and Rockstar have confirmed that another wave of new content will be arriving later this month.

The Stunt Race Creator update will be released for all platforms tomorrow, August 2nd, and has been confirmed to include new features to make player created race tracks more interesting; players will be able to place Speed or Slow pads down on their tracks with a variety of strength settings and it will include some new speaker props to play different sounds such as Thunder or animals music. The biggest addition to this update however is the ability to remove existing world props before the maps, with this players will be able to create truly unique and themed tracks.

No official details have been released about the DLC which has been confirmed for release later this month. Reports suggest that this update will be bike-themed and will bring new freemode events to the world along with a brand new house for GTA Online.

GTA fans will be able to start creating new and more unique tracks with the update tomorrow; Rockstar have yet to announce the release date for the newly revealed DLC.