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The latest update for Minecraft Console editions was released almost one week ago and there has been no hints about what players can expect to see in the game next.

The two pieces of DLC that were released last week were the Battle Map Pack 2 and the Redstone Specialists skin pack; which provided players with another reason to play the new Battle mini-game and also adds new skins so that players can look cool whilst killing their friends.

For users who are unfamiliar with the Battle mini-game; it’s a gamemode very similar to the popular Hunger Games mini-game seen on PC servers. Players are thrown into an arena where they must collect items to survive the hunger while also killing the other players in the game. The last one standing wins.

Battle Map Pack 2 added three new maps for the mini-game which each have a different theme; it costs $2.99 to purchase from the store.

Redstone Specialists added a variety of different skins to the console version of Minecraft; some of these skins were given for free but the full pack can be bought for $2.99.

Excited fans are waiting for news from Mojang to see what’s coming next for the Minecraft Console version; current hopes are that the developer looks to improve the combat further and that they add more mini-games.