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While Rockstar has still not confirmed the existence of GTA6 there are plenty of rumors which are becoming more specific about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. These new reports suggest that the game will be a prequel to the Grand Theft Auto Vice City stories and is said to have a “vintage theme”.

Current rumors are stating that the game could take place some time between 1960 and 1980; this is due to the Vice City Stories being set during 1984 and if this game is the sequel than fans should expect to see a large gap between the game settings. If this set of rumors are true then the game will be set in London. However, there has been a game set in the city before so if the game is set in the UK it’s also possible that Rockstar will select a different city to base the game in.

Other rumors claim that the game will be set in Tokyo as Rockstar have looked at basing a game there in the past. If Rockstar want to keep the series in the USA then they will use a new city and the best potential city for it would be Chigago.

While there is a potential city in the USA, most rumors are pointing towards the game being set outside of the country with the strongest reports suggesting that London will be the setting.