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Mozilla’s Firefox mobile app for the iOS has finally received an update this year that helps the app to stand up to Mozilla Firefox standards. The iOS mobile browser received some features, that helps the user use the search engine with a lot more ease. The browser now allows the user to customize the search engine by adding different search engines from big companies such as Amazon or Wikipedia.

The toolbar is the part that receives the major changes, that in the end allow for quicker access and faster navigation of the web by adding bookmarks. We were pleased to see that Firefox is adding a “find text” feature to the toolbar as well.

The Mozilla developers implemented a new system for recovering closed tabs, because they paid attention to the feedback they have received and this was one of the most frequent problems. Tabs can be easier maneuvered using the newly added “close all tabs” option.

If you are tired of always having to write the web address of your most frequented site, this iOS update has got the solution for you. One of the new features of the update is that you can set whatever site you want as a home page for the browser, thus eliminating the process of writing the web address every time.

The best thing about the new iOS update to the browser is that the web pages will load significantly faster now. The update will decrease the CPU and RAM usage, and a lower battery use. The app 5.0 iOS update is already on App Store.

Firefox is slowly detaching from the Adobe Flash plugin. They have announced that they started blocking Adobe Flash plugins that are not essentials for the user. Starting August 2017, the Adobe Flash plugin will be blocked automatically.