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Facebook users who like to watch Live broadcasts will have to get used to seeing some ads. The company has confirmed that it will start testing short video ads that will be seen during breaks in Facebook Live broadcasts. Facebook will make more money off live video, by allowing companies to promote their products through ads.

Facebook is a free service and Mark Zuckerberg has promised that it will keep it that way. But that doesn’t mean that the social networking company is working with volunteers! So, Facebook is generating billions of dollars in ad revenue and while some of the money goes to employees (and, of course, to Mark Zuckerberg), the rest of it is invested in new acquisitions and other projects.

At the end of March, Facebook registered 1.65 billion monthly active users, and this is only good news for Zuckerberg, as more and more companies are interested in running advertising campaigns for a specific target audience. And soon, users will see video ads during live broadcasts, but for starters, only “a small group of publishers” will be allowed to insert a short ad break, with a maximum length of 15 seconds. These ads will appear anywhere on the screen, after five minutes into a live stream and publishers will be able to control what category of advertiser will be shown during streams.

Also, during the beta, advertisers will show ads that will be taken from other promoted video campaigns that have been approved on Facebook and after the tests will end successfully, advertisers will be able to create custom ads which will be placed during Live broadcasts.

Until the test period will end, publishers won’t receive any portion of the revenue they’ll generate from ads, but after Facebook will decide how to structure their Live ad product, this might change and they could earn some money.

Also, it’s not sure if viewers will see an ad only one time, during a designated “commercial break”, or if ads will be randomly chosen to appear in a Live stream that will last 15 seconds.