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It’s been officially confirmed by the senior producer of The Sims 4; Lynday Pearson posted a short statement about the rumors that are still claiming the game will come to console.

Pearson stated that there are no plans for a console version of the game and has officially denied the rumors that hopeful fans were following. Despite this however, fans are still hopeful that the game will eventually be ported to her statement that it will not be ported “anytime in the near future”. Desperate console users are hoping this means that the team are still considering the possibility or porting the game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Current reports suggest that EA is waiting for the next generation of consoles and will skip bringing The Sims 4 to console completely; rumors suggest that the company will be focusing on The Sims 5 now instead and will bring that game to the next console generation.

Before The Sims 4, the game series had always been ported to consoles so seeing this change is very disappointing for dedicated fans on console platforms. PC players of the game can expect to see many more expansion packs this year.