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Apple’s smart watch has been the top gadget of its kind bought on the market, since quarter two of 2015. The watch held then 72% of total purchases of smartwatches, but dropped in the last quarter to 47%. However, Apple still has the upper hand in this department of the tech world, considering that in the second and third places come Samsung and Lenovo with only 16% and 9% of the total smart watch purchases.

Apple is killing the game in this area, so the team cannot drop the ball with the next smart watch they release – or they will disappoint many loyal fans. Gladly, Apple has always had great strategy and business plans so they know exactly what to do and when to do it. For now, they are obviously focusing on the iPhone 7, but there are some rumors about changes even for the smart watch.

The gadget is supposed to have a thinner display, because they are ditching the double glass design and going over to a single glass look which might look even more slick, which will hold the Apple premium look alive.

According to DigiTimes, a Taiwanese company that makes touch panels, TPK Holdings, are having a really hard time, losing around 78 million dollars, because Apple decided to go from glass on glass (G/G) to one glass solution (OGS) for the Smart Watch 2, as well as decreasing their orders for the iPhone 7.

But now that the company is thinning the display, there is free room to be used, for maybe, we don’t know, a bigger and more powerful battery? We hope so. Gene Munster, an analyst from Apple, has affirmed in February that the Smart Watch 2 will have upgraded components, so the battery may be it. If not, they might give the smart watch new features like GPS or LTE.

If you’re wondering when the Smart Watch 2 from Apple is coming up, the company hasn’t released an official date – but the gadget is expected to hit the markets in the fall, maybe at the same time with the iPhone 7.