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Today we’re going to make a good old comparison on two smartphones from Xiaomi so that you can see for yourself what the company invested in both of them and to make your decision on which one you like best. If you have the same dilemma we are having: which one is better, the Xiaomi Redmi Pro, the newest Xiaomi device on the market, or the Xiaomi Mi5, the company’s flagship device, then keep on reading.


The Redmi Pro comes packed with a bigger display than the Mi5, the first device showing off a 5.5 inches display, while the Mi5 has a slightly smaller one at 5.15 inches. They both feature 1080pixels resolution, but they show off different technology. The Xiaomi Mi5 has an LCD display with IPS technology that is proved to show off wide angles, as well as better white range colors. The OLED technology we see on the Xiaomi Redmi Pro is supposed to saturate the colors a little better as well as not take a lot of battery life, which you can never be too grateful for.


The Xiaomi Redmi Pro comes in its original version with a Helio X20 processor that is packed with 3GB of RAM. However, the high and exclusive versions of this smartphone, come with the X25 variant of Helio processors each showing off 3GB respectively 4GB. As for the Xiaomi Mi5 we see a whooping Snapdragon 820 processor that is originally paired with 3GB of RAM, but the Pro edition of the device was given 1GB more for a smoother experience. In a test made by Antutu, we could see clearly that Mi5’s processor is faster and more powerful than both processors on the Redmi Pro. So if you’re looking for no lagging whatsoever, the Xiaomi Mi5 is probably the better option.

Internal Memory

Honestly, Xiaomi hasn’t changed a lot about the memory of these gadgets, but in the end the Xiaomi Redmi Pro might be the better choice since it supports a memory card, while the Mi5 does not. There are three options of internal memory for both phones: 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.


If you’re the type of person that looks at the camera specs before anything when looking for a phone, then you’re going to be excited about what the Redmi Pro has to offer. We’re not dissing Mi5’s camera specs because it has a 16 megapixels camera on the back which can offer 2160pixels video recording, as well as a 4 megapixels front camera. Those are not bad specifications at all, but let’s talk about the Redmi Pro. This phone shows off a dual camera combo on the back: with a 5MP camera from Samsung and a 13MP camera from Sony. Xiaomi claims that they were trying to create a DSLR like camera for their phones which can even do bokeh effect without any editing. The front camera is great too, since they made a 5MP one with a wide angle option.


The Xiaomi Redmi Pro doesn’t only show great promise in the camera and internal memory department, but is actually cheaper at 255 dollars – compared to the Xiaomi Mi5 that is sold at 375 dollars.