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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be released tomorrow (August 2, 2016) and it will introduce a few new features and improvements. However, before we tell you more about this major update, we need to give you some bad news: the free upgrade to Windows 10 has ended, and even if you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8 license, now you’ll have to pay $119 for the Home edition of $199 for the Pro edition.

However, even if the free Windows 10 upgrade has ended on July 29, 2016 it seems that this option is still available for users of assistive technology. In addition, Microsoft didn’t announce exactly when this offer will end for the mentioned users.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will come with improvements for the digital pen, along with a new technology to detect hacking attacks and also the ability to log into your computer via a wearable device instead of a password. Cortana, the voice-activated assistant will also receive some improvements and you will notice them as soon as you will start using this personal assistant after the update is released.

However, it seems that Microsoft is treating the August 2, 2016 as a regular Tuesday update and it’s not giving it too much attention. We remind you that back in 2012, the company has released the Windows 8 and it wasted hundreds of millions of dollars to advertise on the internet and not only. Unfortunately for Microsoft, Windows 8 was not received well by users, as they’ve decided to stick to Windows 7, because they weren’t very pleased with the removal of the Start Menu and button.

Satya Nadella has become the CEO of Microsoft two years ago and since then, we’ve noticed some changes that the company has made. For example, Microsoft is now releasing widely used PowerPoint Office, Excel and Word for tablets and smartphones and not only for computers.

Windows is also changing and according to Microsoft, the operating system will run as a “service”. This means that the company will release new features and major updates for computers a few times per year.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

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