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Many Pokémon Go fans collect as many Pokémon as possible, then they train them and send them to battle. But everytime they lose a battle, their heart dies little by little, as well and they don’t know what to do to increase their chances to win. Some Pokémon Go players have mined data from the source code and they’ve listed all strengths and weaknesses of every creature in the game. This info will help other players to plan which of their monsters will be powered up or evolved.

Pokémon are defined by three attributes: stamina (how much damage a Pokémon can take until it finally dies), attack and defense. But there are also other attributes (attack speeds or damage per second) that are very important to determine if a Pokémon has chances to defeat another Pokémon, and these details are available within the game.

The listing for each Pokémon shows details about two attacks (their types) and players are informed how long it takes to charge a strong attack. But there are many gaps that players had to fill, so they’ve uncovered information from the source code and they’ve compiled it into a guide, which was published at

According to the Pokémon Go community, players should not confuse Pokémon with the same name, as they’re not the same creature, as they will have different Combat Power (CP) and types of attacks. Which means that you won’t get the same results when evolving creatures with the same name.

When capturing or evolving a Pokémon, the game “rolls” the creature’s stats, so based on its stats, you’ll know if it’s worth investing time and money on that Pokémon. A GitHub user named ryankane has even published a list of potential Quick and Special moves for Pokémon that players will find or evolve. That list can be found here: and it will give players an idea about what to expect from their Pokémon, so they will know if it’s worth spending resources on to powering up or evolving the creature.

There is also a stats spreadsheet that can be found here: which suggests the best move and best move power for each Pokémon, based on its stamina, attack, defense, type, power (w/STAB) and fast moves.

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