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Let’s be real. Who isn’t a WhatsApp user? We all need it some way or the other and the app is especially loved since they included the coded conversations in which not even the developers of the app themselves can’t look. Everyone appreciates the intimacy regarding their conversation, regardless of having “something to hide” or not. We can see that WhatsApp managed to get under the user’s skin by respecting their life and their personal data – which we think is a great marketing strategy.

The developers are constantly working on updates and fixes of the app – actually, almost every day there is an update available. However, they do not bug the user to update the app each time they find a fix for a problem, but rather gives him/her time to enjoy the app for a few weeks at a time. But if you’re a tech junkie and want the best for your smartphone and gadgets in general, you might be looking to be up to date with the newest version of everything.

The newest version of WhatsApp is the 2.16.212 which you can download from APKPolice. The update brings small improvements to the app, but it’s nice to know you’re working on the best version of the app that there is. If you’re interested of what versions of Android it caters to, the developers made the newest update available to devices running Android 2.3.4 and newer version from there on.

They wanted to keep the app available to as many people as possible, but considering that the market is already waiting for Android 7, the first and second versions of Android are in a minority as for the newest versions.

If you do want to download the 2.16.212 version of WhatsApp before they make it available on Google Play, you will be pleased to find out the update only steals 24.5 MB of storage and it will improve some minor glitches.