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Both Android and iOS users have recently received the biggest update until now for Pokemon GO. However, we have some bad news and good news for you. We’ll start with the bad news first.

Perhaps one of the most controversial moves the team has made regarding the game is the modification of the three-step bug. They were supposed to fix it and make is show again when you’re one or two footsteps near a Pokemon. However, Niantic decided that this should change. So now you have no footstep indicators at all. All Pokemon will now show zero footsteps, which means they are just found somewhere around your location. Since “around” can be pretty vague, many people have been dissatisfied with this update.

The good news is that the new update lets you re-customize the character you have. They have also changed the spawn points, rebalanced the move sets and maybe the greatest thing is that you can lock the favorite Pokemon you have, so as not to accidentally transfer it.

They have also included other changes on the game. For instance, the order of the little monsters on the grid doesn’t show anymore their proximity. This means that if a Pokemon is placed in the last slot, which means near to you, it can be found everywhere, not necessarily very close to you. Moreover, it seems that the scanning area has been reduced, probably from 100 meters to 70. This might be bad news, since you will only get an alert of a Pokemon if you are closer to it.

However, for people who are unsatisfied with the feature of showing them exactly how close or far a Pokemon is, the team declared that this was forcing their servers too much. And nobody would want the game to crash, right?