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Pokemon Go Players are furious because after installing the latest version 0.31.0, they started having big problems with the game. It seems that three weeks worth of Pokemon catching were completely wiped out, because the update has reset player’s progress in the game. Also, the “Nearby” tracking has been killed, which means that players will see zero steps when a Pokemon will be around.

Hundreds of Pokemon Go players have reported on their social media accounts that the update has reset their games and they’re devastated because they’ve lost all the money they’ve spent on new items. Gustavo Flores was on level 20 when his account was reset back to level one and he asked on Twitter if there’s a way to get his progress back. Another player is mad because he was on level 14 when the game was reset and he lost the charmander he just caught.

Some players were able to restore their game to the current state by using an alternative email to sign in. “Log out of Google in Safari on iOS and then login again in Pokemon app. This will fix it,” said someone on Twitter.

Pokemon Go was released on July 6 on iOS and Android, and the new update rolled out to users of both platforms. Version 0.31.0 came with many bug fixes and two new messages that warn players not to play while driving and to not trespass while playing the game. On the other hand, this new update brought more options to customize the avatar and it rebalanced Pokemon move sets. The developers have changed some spawn points and players are not able to unlock their favorite Pokemon, which will prevent them from making accidental transfers.

Unfortunately, Niantic has eliminated footsteps that appeared when players were approaching a Pokemon, because of a glitch and heavy use, but players are hoping that this is a temporary measure until the developers will fix the system.