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Pokemon Go was first released at the start of July and the game is slowly making its way around the world; Niantic is still hard at work preparing servers to accept new countries and allow more players to start their own journeys as Pokemon trainers.

The new AR mobile game is available for download through the Play Store for Android and Apple store for iOS. It is not yet available for Windows Phone however it looks as though the game may be coming to these devices in the future.

Fake and malicious versions of Pokemon Go have been circling both stores especially in countries where the game is not yet available; these versions use a similar name but are being taken down by both stores relatively quickly. When downloading Pokemon Go it’s important to read the reviews and make sure the game is from Niantic. The fake and malicious mobile versions are not the only ones in existence, there are fake APK files that can be downloaded online.

Niantic are also cracking down on users who are playing Pokemon Go on a PC through an Android Emulator and those who are using GPS spoofing; both of these will result in bans as players are cheating the system. So while these are ‘options’ for people who live in countries without Pokemon Go, it is risky to do.

Pokemon Go is now available for a range of countries and Niantic are still releasing the game to many other places in the world.