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It’s been months since the rumors about the new Grand Theft Auto 6 came about. After all, GTA fans are anxiously waiting for the latest version’s release. According to several reports, the latest GTA 6 is going to have its biggest map yet to date.

It’s believed the game will be situated in London or San Diego, but don’t forget that this is speculation. The developer may opt to do another city. It wouldn’t be too surprising if the game was located in London because most of the folks involved in its development are British.

Should GTA be located in London, there will be some changes to it. One such change is that the steering wheel will be on the right side of the vehicle. Previous rumors hinted that the game would be set in Tokyo, but nothing’s been confirmed about it.

A number of reports suggest GTA 6 is going to come with a World Map, which means all the other previous GTA game maps will be included. Players can teleport from one location to another, carrying out various missions and heists.

People are under the impression that, given the five-year timeline between games the developer tends to follow, GTA 6 is going to be released in 2018. If that doesn’t happen, it’s anticipated that when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two are released, it’ll be the first game for the new consoles.

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