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The WhatsApp app is a worldwide phenomenon – one of the most popular instant messaging platforms there are. It’s a Facebook-owned app that managed to get 64 billion messages processed on an extremely successful day.

And, it’s this success that caused people to question if the developers will be come up a desktop version for the WhatsApp messenger. Apparently, the developers were listening as they released a Mac and Windows app for the program. This means people can use the WhatsApp app through their desktop computer.

How To Download and Install WhatsApp On A Mac OS X Device

Check Out WhatsApp Website

In order to get a downloadable copy of WhatsApp for iOS, people will need to visit the WhatsApp website and choose which one will redirect them back to the Apple App Store.

Download, Install WhatsApp File

Upon choosing the right file version, people will need to download and install it. Open the app on the smartphone. Once open, users will have to hit three dots at the top right corner and pick WhatsApp web.

Scan QR Code

After the QR scanner is opened, they then can scan the code onto the Apple computer screen. Once done, they can have their WhatsApp contacts and conversations synchronized onto the desktop.

How To Download and Install WhatsApp On A Windows Device

Check Out WhatsApp Website

The process to download the app is similar to how you’d download it for the Max OS X. Make sure you download the link that corresponds to the Windows device. Once this is done, be sure to download it.

Install App

After the file’s been downloaded, it’ll need to be installed as if using the WhatsApp Web. Once this is done, launch it on the computer so that the QR code appears.

Open App On Smartphone

The app needs to be launched on the smartphone, switched over to the Settings tab. The WhatsApp Web will need to be selected so that the QR code can be scanned. From there, the desktop client will show all conversations and contact that allows persons to sync information from their phone.

Many people have benefitted from WhatsApp being offered on the Mac OS X and Windows, which is the support for notifications from the desktop. It also offers convenience through its keyboard shortcuts. The move matches the performances of WhatsApp’s competitors, which have already enabled desktop clients.