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There are millions of people who have downloaded the recent beta WhatsApp messenger mobile app update and enjoying it. The latest version – 2.16.150 – is ideal for older Android models like the 2.3.3+ Gingerbread as well as newer firmware systems. Best of all, interested parties can either download the app from the Google Play Store or an array of websites.

More often than not, the Google Play Store offers the latest versions, which often has new features with improved security setups.

If you like the idea of instant messaging, then you may want to install WhatsApp 2.16.150 on your device. It provides you with a free online chatting atmosphere for people who use the app as well. It can offer mobile message capabilities for Windows, iOS, and Android users – ensuring that communications are easier on any platform.

It’s important that people download the latest WhatsApp messenger version while they wait for its next update. The next version may not be available right away in Google Play Store, which is why you have other options to download the latest version for your mobile device.

Look For Well-Known Sites For Beta Versions

Make sure you find a trustworthy website that offers a beta WhatsApp version and see where the link points toward for the APK file. This is offered through any Android, Windows or iOS device. Just type the name of the file you want to download and it’ll start downloading right away.

Avoid malicious websites – such as ones that provide beta apps but have you filling out surveys before you can download any APK files.

Time To Install The Software

After the beta app has been downloaded successfully, you should install it. APK files are only installable on Android devices. If you’ve downloaded it to another device, you can only use it via the Android device.

It can be either aggravating or rewarding to test apps when they are in beta format. However, there are a few things you should do before you use them.  A reason beta updates are released is to provide people an opportunity for making suggestions and comments that relate to the app’s performance, allowing developers to make changes if they deem it necessary.

This is one of the reasons people are advised to visit the Play Store. It allows the right type of beta testing to be done on any kind of app. Users can choose what app they’d like to test out, download the file and then install it.

It can be easy for people to download the latest WhatsApp beta update if they know where to download from and how it’s done.

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