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AMD has made a lot of promises when releasing the Polaris cycle of gadgets, such as improving the performance per watt of the graphic processing units with up to 2.8x. The latest GPU that they had out until now, the RX 480 didn’t quite live up to those promises, delivering a performance of around 1.73x better, but they are redeeming themselves with two new GPUs entering the market: the RX 470 and the RX 460. These two will have a cheaper price around 150 dollars, as opposed to their predecessor which was around 200 dollars.

Let’s talk a little bit about what the RX 470 is set to bring. The R9 270X, an older GPU from the same company, featured 80 texture units as well as 1280 cores, with 32 ROPS embedded. The RX 470 on the other hand comes packed with 48 more cores, almost double cores (2048 to be precise) and 32 ROPS. Comparing it to this older model, the new GPU has a lower base frequency as well as a smaller number of compute cores. We can surely say this new graphics processing unit from AMD will perform better than its predecessors, only by looking at the specs.

How about we see what’s going on with the RX 460? 470’s sibling has similar specs, but seems to be a little less performance-oriented, but hey, there’s a 50 dollars price gap between the two. The RX 470 shows off 4 GB of RAM, while the RX 460 has only 3 GB. An interesting fact about the 460 is that it looks a lot like an old GPU from AMD, the R9 280X known also known as HD 7970. However, the HD 7970 was released four years ago at a starting price of 550 dollars, whereas the RX 460 starts off at only 100 dollars.

Viewing the two new GPUs next to each other, we can assume that the RX 470 gives a better run for the money you spend on it. While it costs 149 dollars, it has better specs and will show off better performance.