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Since Pokémon Go’s release two weeks ago, it’s caused a major uproar all around the world. Niantic is responsible for the popular augmented reality game, and just several days after its release, millions of people started to play the game.

While fans are playing the game, they rely on their communities to offer features so they can enjoy it even more. There are many cheats, tricks and tips that are being offered for Pokémon Go, but if you have an iPhone, you can’t have a jailbroken device for them.


To play Pokémon Go, you have to get up and walk around – you must explore to catch your Pokémon. However, you can’t always do this, which is why you can install the PokémonGoAnywhere cheat. If you want to go somewhere, just tap on that location and your character will move while you sit still. You can download the cheat at

Pokémon Go Battery Saver

Due to Pokémon Go’s excessively high graphics and the constant game playing that involves the device’s GPS and camera, the battery of your device can take a real beating. However, players will be glad to know that there’s an in-app available for the Pokémon Go app known as Battery Save mode. Enable this, and you save the battery.


Players are exploring the Pokémon world, and they want more. It’s possible to do with the right tweaks that let them see more into the world to catch those elusive Pokémon. Servers often go down because of a number of people on them at one time. However, with the FlappyGo tweak, the game can be enjoyed while the servers are back in working order.

You can find the tweak at

Google Account Fix

When you signed up to play Pokémon Go, you gave the developers access to your personal account as well. And yes, that means when you signed up to play, you provided them with access to everything, meaning they had the ability to rummage through your account. The best thing you can do is produce another Google account that’s only associated with the Pokémon Go game.


If you’re one of thousands who have jailbroken their phone, there’s no way to play Pokémon Go on the device. Don’t fret though. There’s a tweak to help with this called PokePatch – Once this has been downloaded and installed, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Pokémon Lock

There’s no need to unlock your iPad or iPhone constantly to play the game when you have the Pokémon Lock tweak installed. You can play the game from the device’s lock screen. Be sure to disable the passcode from the settings while you play on the lock screen.