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There are more than one billion active users on WhatsApp, making it one of the most popular messaging applications available, and it continues to grow every day.

WhatsApp recently released a BETA version for Android device users. What kind of features could WhatsApp Android users expect from it? The newest WhatsApp BETA version for Android devices is 2.16.178, and it offers a new font known as FixedSys. The developers have dealt with an array of issues and bugs that plagued earlier application versions.

Rumors mentioned that it would have the Video Calling feature available in the future, but there’s no word from developers about it.

How Users Can Install The Current WhatsApp Version On Their Android Device

WhatsApp 2.16.178 can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and installed on any Android device. In order to become a WhatsApp BETA tester, users will need to sign up. Once this is done, users can look for the app on Google Play Store and install it onto their Android device.

The file can also be manually installed onto the device. Users will need to download the “APK” file from Once the download is done, users will have to enable the setting, “Unknown Sources” on their device. They can do this by going into the Settings menu of their phone and tapping on Security. The feature will let users install the APK file from the third party source. They’ll need to get into the location where the file is saved and tap it so the installation process can begin.

Once installed, users will have the newest version of WhatsApp on their Android smartphone, tablet or other device.