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Who doesn’t love WhatsApp? Maybe you switched to a different chat app or maybe you still use it. Either way, these tricks for the app might come in handy or they might even convince you to switch back to the app, so read on!

  1. You can turn off the blue ticks. Yes, the same blue ticks that get you in trouble or that make you not trust your friends anymore. You can turn them off in the Privacy settings, but note that if you do, you will not see the read message for the messages you send either.
  2. Spark up the words! Did you know you can turn them italic, bold or use strikethrough? Both for iOS and Android, adding asterisks before AND after the word will make it bold. Replace the asterisks with underscores and make it italic. Replace them with tildes and you’ll get strikethrough.
  3. Hide the profile pic. Maybe you don’t want all your contacts to be able to see the picture you chose for the profile, if you don’t know everbody in a group, for instance. You can switch it off in the Privacy settings.
  4. Bookmark certain messages. You’ve received a direction, an address or some instructions? Just hold down on the message and press the star you see on the screen after that.
  5. Custom notifications. If you would want to have different notifications depending on the person who texts or calls you, you just have to tap on the contact name and then go to Custom Notifications.
  6. Mark a chat as unread. If you’re on the go and forget to reply to a message even though you have seen it, you should mark it as unread. For this, in Android you should press long on a chat, then open the Menu and then Mark as Unread. On iOS, go to Chats, swipe to right and Mark as Unread.