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Recently, Valve has updated the International Compendium for this year for Dota 2 and added a ton of new features that keep the gamers excited! A lot of new features refer to the ones who use a Battle Pass and consist mainly in a new Fantasy Challenge, new cards for players, extra Battle Points for whoever makes a correct prediction in the Main Event and many, many more. The main point of interest though is the big step towards virtual reality, consisting in the VR Hub. This is a place available for those who own VR headsets that are compatible with Steam VR.

Those who own a Battle Pass are now able to see the action in Dota 2 unraveling on a giant screen together with other 15 friends. You can see live battles, replay the scenes, watch streams, all of this on the virtual screen in the VR Theater. You will be standing right next to the avatars of the characters on the battlefield (which are in full size!). Another very cool feature is the interactive mini-map that lets you go back from the lobby with spectators and to go to whatever point on the battlefield you want.

Another interesting addition is the fact that while on the field, you can even adjust the height of the camera. This allows to watch the action from whatever angle you want, either from above, from among the fighters or from just above their heads. Instantly, you can move from one place to another without losing any minute of the battle.

For accessing the VR hub, you need to load Dota 2 like you normally do, and then select the Dota VR Hub from the menu that pops up.