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Pokemon Go players have been somewhat surprised to see just how similar the game is to Ingress despite the two games being developed by Niantic. The developer has reused most of their Portal locations from Ingress for Pokemon Go; in Ingress, player must physically interact with Portals which are located around the world and these locations are now PokeStops also. The two games have very different gameplay however.

Ingress sends players on quests to capture Portals places all over the world to control different geographic areas; players can also leave items to guard their Portals once they are a high enough level. XM is used to complete almost every action in Ingress and players need to physically visit XM spots to collect more.

Pokemon Go is very different to this as players must travel to capture Pokemon so that they can be trained for battle. While players can capture Gyms for their team by engaging in an interactive battle, it’s also possible to train against friendly Gyms. To collect more items players need to access Pokestops which are located around the world.

Both games do feature some form of faction/team system; Ingress has two factions which have their own cause to fight for while Pokemon Go has three teams with no real reason or backstory. While Pokemon Go is still a very new game, Ingress has existed for several years and has a dedicated community who meet at special events.

While Ingress and Pokemon Go may seem very similar on the surface, these two games offer different content and place more emphasis in different areas. As Pokemon Go evolves, this could change slightly and the locations of Pokestops and Gyms may not be based on Ingress Portal locations in the future.