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It was believed that Apple device owners would see a jailbreaking tool for the iOS 9.3.2 firmware at the beginning of July. However, the timeframe has passed and still no jailbreaking tool had come to fruition.

Does this mean that it’ll never be released? While that is possible, rumors persist that one will be released before the iOS 10 firmware is released. The rumors came about after Pangu, a well-known hacking team, presented a jailbroken device during the July Mobile Security Conference that had the firmware’s iOS 10 beta version on it along with Cydia.

Pangu also did a presentation on iOS 9.3.2, talking about its privacy issue. It’s caused many to wonder if Pangu is working on a jailbreaking tool for this device, and if there is, it’ll be released before iOS 10 is available to the market, which is set to happen in September. It’ll make good sense because many users will upgrade to iOS 10 when it comes out, rendering any jailbreaking tool for 9.3.2 pointless.

Bear in mind that everything about this report is speculation. Pangu has the final word about if and when a release will be available for 9.3.2. And, an announcement could go during the Black Hat USA 2016 event, which is set for July 30 to Aug. 4 in Las Vegas.