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As we all know, Virtual Reality has become the most discussed subject on the market – the professional headsets like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift ones being items all tech geeks long to have in their home. But the headsets are truly expensive, so very many technology savvies try to breakdown the gadgets to what each component costs and what the total would be. Today, we’re looking at the breakdown of Oculus’ Rift which has been suffering a great increase in sales from the first headset ever released – the DK1 model.

Oculus hasn’t been in the public eye for so long, but they managed to get the attention of VR fans all over the world with the intricate design of their headsets at cheaper prices than the HTC ones. While the gadget is quite complex, Oculus couldn’t drop the price very low, launching their newest headset in January at a price of 599 dollars. The company didn’t expect that the headset will cost as much and customers already had expectations for a small price. But they made up for it by adding in the packet two extra free games as well as a controller for the Xbox One console.

Now that we’ve talked about the price the Oculus Rift has on the market, let’s take a look at the brilliantly done teardown of the product from IHS Markit Technology. The study didn’t include only the headset itself, but also the sensor and remote from Oculus as well as the wireless controller for Xbox One the company promised to deliver with their product. IHS Markit found out that every piece combined create a total value of 206 dollars which is around a third of what Oculus is pricing for the headset. Which we say, is not that awful, taking in account they have to assembly all that complicated technology as well as test it.