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The MacBook Pro line of tablets from Apple is a well-liked product in the eye of the consumer, so we can only wonder: how much more will the American company keep us waiting for the 2016 version? Some rumors say that the tablet is set to be released on the market no sooner than November, because the Apple team keeps on changing some specs on the tablet so that it can be the perfect device of its kind for the public right now.

A major change in the tablet’s looks is that Apple, according to The Bitbag, is ditching the eleven-inches display and going for a larger one, probably a fifteen-inches variant. This is not the worst idea Apple ever had, considering the line of tablets is quite expensive – maybe the customer will get a run for their money. Another whisper in the tech world says that Apple, as well as Microsoft with their Surface Pro 5, are waiting for Intel’s newest processor to be released so they can include it on their latest tablet. The Kaby Lake processor is awaited by many and is said to promise quite the user experience.

An interesting feature the MacBook Pro 2016 is said to have is Siri – Apple’s famous virtual assistant that iPhones usually have. Some other specs the tablet is speculated to have is 4G LTE connectivity, as well as a touch bar with OLED technology. If you’re looking for a fast charging tablet, Apple is going to add an USB-C port that everyone sees now as a must on this kind of devices. This type of USB port will assure that charging your battery is faster than ever, as well as the transfer of data will be.

We know that’s not enough information to make your decision on whether you’re going to buy the newest MacBook Pro tablet or not, but the internet’s attention, as well as Apple’s, is on the iPad Mini 5 and the iPhone 7. These two devices seem to have more competition as well as more customers interested – so the company is working hard on keeping the bar up. If you’re interested in the iPhone 7, you will be able to buy this smartphone in September – or so say the discussions on the internet. As for the MacBook Pro, it will most probably be released in November, so look out for that.