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The upcoming Lenovo Vibe 2 was spotted two days ago in a benchmark database and this means that the device’s performance is being tested at the moment. The leak offers a lot of information spec wise but it’s not accompanied by any pictures so it made it pretty difficult to actually match the performance to a particular device.

However, pictures leaked yesterday from a supposed showcasing of the upcoming Lenovo Vibe 2 that happened in China, in the city of Guangzhou, at the beginning of July. The pictures come with info about the devices’ specs and it’s mentioned that the Lenovo Vibe 2 will sport a 5.5 inch 1080p AMOLED touchscreen display. When compared to the designs of the previous Vibe models, P1 and P1 Turbo, the Vibe 2 appears to have the same size and resolution. The only noticeable difference so far between these old models and the new one is the technology used for the screen. The P1 models have an LCD screen, whereas the upcoming Lenovo Vibe has an AMOLED one.

Apart from this info, we can see in the pictures that the Vibe 2 will have an all-metal design and that its front side will sport a 2.5D curved glass for protection. We can also see a physical Home Button. According to some tech bloggers it’s possible that the physical Home button could also be a fingerprint sensor, but it’s very hard to say for sure just from the pictures.

The device will supposedly feature a very huge and powerful 5.000 mAh battery for extra battery life and even though it will house that monster of a battery it appears to be 8.5 mm slim which makes it thinner by 1.4 mm than the P1 smartphones. The latter models have the same type of battery.

Other specs-related info mentions that the upcoming Lenovo Vibe 2 will be powered by a Snapdragon 625 SoC processor from Qualcomm which will feature an octa core Cortex A53 CPU and 2 GHz. It’s also believed to have 4 GB of RAM and that it will come with Android Marshmallow right out of the box.