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Apple’s iPhone line is definitely one of the most popular through customers, maybe even the most popular one. So, it’s natural that we keep our eye out for what the tech giant will surprise us with on 2017’s iPhone. The name of this year’s iPhone is said to be iPhone 7, but its usual partner in crime, the iPhone 7S we’d all except is rumored of not being released anymore. Don’t panic! Some variations on the smartphone will be released, but some reports speculate that the iPhone 7’s siblings will be iPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 7 Plus. Although, you should take that information with a grain of salt, as the rumors are numerous, but the truth is only held by Apple.

Now let’s take a look of what are the most probable specifications the oh-so-waited smartphone will show off when it hits the market.

The fastest processor Apple is said to show off on its gadgets is said to be the one on the iPad Pro, but the iPhone 7 might just change that. We’re expecting to see the A10 processor produced by TSMC on the new phone which will overpower the tablet’s processor.

The iPhone 7 is rumored to show off only 2GB of ROM, but the Pro version of this phone will probably show off 3GB, which will make this device work way smoother. The camera will stick with 12 MP, as before, but the sensor will get some improvement from Apple so that photos in lower conditions of light look better than it did before.

Since Apple has marketed their phones for the premium design, color is quite important as a spec for their customers. Whispers say that Apple will take example from their smart watches, and include as colors: space black, silver, gold, space grey and rose gold.

But what about price? All of us must be wondering what premium-worthy price Apple will be charging for their newest smartphone released. Weibo has estimated a price of 900 dollars for the iPhone 7 Pro, which is said to have a bigger RAM capacity (maybe even 256 GB). We’re just saying, if you’re going to pay that price for a phone, you better be sure it’s a great one.