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GTA 5 is famous for hitting the tops and being among the best sold games in the world, overcoming the $1 billion dollars threshold for sales only three days after its launch in 2013. Rockstar Games came with some new information at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event that took place earlier this year in L.A., including some details about the next DLC that will be released this summer and also about the game’s online version.

According to the company, they will be adding five new Stunt Races to the GTA Online version, in “Cunning Stunts”. This will bring some interesting views on stunting, action and high-flying in lots of places, starting from the shores in Vespucci to Mount Chiliad. Next week we will be enjoying the release of a great tool called Stunt Race Creator, which will test your creativity.

They will also be adding three vehicles, Vapid Contender, Bravado Sprunk Buffalo and MTL Dune. You can find them in GTA Online: Cunning Stunts and let’s hope in GTA 5 too. In both these versions you will be able to call other gamers when you’re at the Pegasus in order to go to the Blaine County. The Contender is great here because it allows you to test several types of terrain, with a bigger size but with a balanced suspension, which is great for Executives and VIPs.

Sadly enough, there are still no news about the release of the GTA 6, another title from the franchise that is anxiously expected by fans worldwide. Most likely, we will get the chance to see it somewhere between 2018 and 2020m which is still quite far in the future.