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The majority of all 3DS Emulators on the internet are actually fake, in reality only three have been confirmed to be legitimate Emulators; Citra, 3dmoo and TronDS. Though those three are real, most cannot run commercial Nintendo 3DS games so players are left with playing Homebrew games through them instead. To make things a little bit worse, these Emulators have a lot of lag and have trouble running most games however they are always being improved.

Currently there is a large number of fake 3DS Emulators available online that portray themselves as being legitimate devices. Right now, there are very few 3DS Emulators and all others available for download are fake.

These fake Emulators either don’t work or contain some form of Malware; most of them will contain Malware which can seriously damage or destroy a computer. It’s not just these clearly fake Emulators that are causing trouble, some more sneaky individuals will modify a legitimate Emulator and put that up for download.

The only way to avoid a fake 3DS emulator for certain is to only download the file from the official website; though current Emulators are mostly considered to be ‘unplayable’ when it comes to commercial games.

A few Emulators have also existed that encourage users to fill out surveys to get the ‘key’ to use the device; these are just a waste of time and are trying to expose uninformed individuals to Malware downloads through the web browser.

When dealing with Emulators, it’s always better to be safe than need to spend ages getting it de-bugged. Always take care when downloading any Emulator and remember that there are very few real 3DS Emulators currently available.