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Finding an Emulator on the PC is relatively easy, many different ones exist and are available for download. Nintendo DS Emulators are not as common as some other console Emulators but there are still a decent number of these available though not all of them are good.

Like with all Emulators, when downloading one there is always a risk of downloading a fake or Malware filled file. These Emulators listed here are some of the best NDS Emulators around and are also clean downloads when downloaded from their official websites.


This was originally created as a GameBoy Advanced Emulator and has now expanded to include NDS also; it even supports Dsi. It’s the closest Emulator to a real NDS and supports the two screens well without compromising on quality. The performance is great for the most part however some games have graphic and sound glitches.


This Emulator is part of the RetroArch Emulator which allows users to play games from a range of consoles; this standalone version does have some issues however it offers a few modifiable options and even allows for GBA emulation. Most games run very well on this Emulator.


This Emulator supports several operating systems however it does not support Mac; this Emulator is entirely focused on NDS and is well optimized. Games can be played in full screen and is offers decent sound quality also. Most games will work fine with this Emulator but there are known compatibility issues with specific games.


Extremely fast and works well on low-end PC’s, this Emulator works amazingly well across all computer types; it doesn’t support every NDS game but it does run most commercial games. Game can be played in full screen and it offers great sound support for NDS games. This is a good choice for older computers.


While being only supporting Mac computers, this Emulator is aiming to include every major console ever developed including the Nintendo DS; it allows users to organize and play games through a unique Steam-like launcher. Players can completely customize their controls and supports a wide range of controllers including older console controllers. This is a great Emulator for Mac users and the range of consoles it supports it still increasing.

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