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WhatsApp is becoming more and more popular and this is confirmed by over 1 billion monthly active users. Today we will talk about a new security feature that this application might receive sometime soon.

There are many websites and services that require two-factor authentication. For example, banks usually have this feature where you will need to input a one-time code in order to verify that you are the person who owns that credit card. Well, it seems that WhatsApp might soon receive the two-factor authentication feature, which will surely make a good amount of users very happy.

It seems that inside the latest WhatsApp BETA APK version for Android devices there were found some files referring to two-factor authentication. However, it seems that this feature has not been enabled yet, as the guys from The Android Soul who have found these files didn’t see anything new to the application (activated).

It is good to know that, currently, the WhatsApp application requires you to enter a code when you install the application on your smartphone. This code is being sent to the mobile phone number that you have registered it with. There are speculations which say that the two-factor authentication will be actually used for the current “installation” process, but we are not sure why the developers would want to change that because it is already safe enough.

We think that the WhatsApp application actually needs a “lock” feature, so that every time you open the application you will need to insert a password to “unlock” it. Currently, you can open the WhatsApp application on a smartphone without having to insert a password. This means that if you lend your device to a friend to make a “phone call”, you might realize that (s)he borrowed it from you just to watch your WhatsApp messages.

Do you think that WhatsApp application will receive the two-factor authentication feature?