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WhatsApp is currently used by over 1 billion monthly active users and today we will give you some news that might concern everyone who uses this application. According to Jonathan Zdziarski, an iOS researcher, messages that you delete from the WhatsApp application are not permanently removed. Zdziarski claims that even after deleting some WhatsApp messages, he noticed that the application stores a forensic trace of the chat logs.

In other words, these messages could be accessed by anyone who will have physical access to the mobile device. At the same time, this data can also be recovered via any remote backup systems in place.

It seems that even if the data is marked as deleted by the application, it is not overwritten and this is the reason why it can be still recovered via forensic tools. Zdziarski said that the issue that is causing this problem is the SQLite library which is used in coding of the application and it is not overwriting by default.

We remind you that the WhatsApp application has received end-to-end encryption back in April 2016, but you should know that this system will protect your data in transit, which prevents carriers and other intermediaries from viewing your conversations.

What Zdziarski has found out is what happens after this data gets into your smartphone, when the message is already in your WhatsApp application. In addition, the WhatsApp messages are backed up by iCloud without hard encryption, which means that police/FBI will be able to obtain some clear records of the WhatsApp conversations, even if you deleted them from your WhatsApp application.

We remind you that WhatsApp has claimed that it can’t turn over the logs as it can’t access them thanks to the end-to-end encryption. However, according to what Zdziarski has just discovered, it seems that these messages (along with the deleted ones) can be viewed as long as you have physical access to the device that received those messages.

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