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If you’re a WhatsApp fan, you’ve probably already heard that the popular messaging application has received a new font in its latest beta version. But do you know how to use it? If not, this guide is for you.

The Good News

The new WhatsApp font is available to Android device owners, although it has also been spotted by several iOS users. The font is called FixedSys, aka plain text, which looks the same as the FixedSys font in Windows. You can use it when sending messages to your friends by pressing the grave accent symbol (`) three times before and after your message. So, if you want to type “Neurogadget” in FixedSys, you’ll have to input “`Neurogadget“` before hitting “Send”.

So what’s great about this? Well, FixedSys is similar to the font that you see when you code, so it’s ideal when you want to send snippets of code to your friends. FixedSys also looks different that the font that WhatsApp currently supports, so using it will definitely break up the visual monotony of your chat conversations.

The Bad News

FixedSys can’t be used with the other formatting options that WhatsApp offers, so you can’t bold or italicize your messages when you use this font. However, if you opt for WhatsApp’s normal font, you can still play around with other formatting options by adding an asterisk (for bold), an underscore (for italics), or a tilde symbol (for strikethroughs) before and after your message.

Another bad news: pressing (`) three times — or six times, if you count both ends of the message — isn’t exactly easy. The grave accent symbol is usually hidden deep inside the symbols menu of most Android phones, which means you’ll have to spend a few seconds looking for it. This isn’t always possible if you’re in a hurry and need to send a message ASAP.

Final Verdict

Despite the drawbacks of this new font, any WhatsApp update is almost always good news, so there’s reason to celebrate. After all, it’s better to have the option of using FixedSys than having none at all, right? To get this font, you’ll need to download the WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.16.179, which you can get by becoming a beta tester on Google Play.

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