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Since The Sims 4 was released on the market in the 2014, people were already speculating about what the Sims 5 will look like and when EA is going to release it to the market. The producer of the game, Grant Rodiek, posting in a new forum, was not very optimistic about the game releasing a new version of the game very soon. The new version of the game franchise appears at around four or five years since its predecessor, so it’s likely that the 5th version will appear in 2019.

Some rumors say that the Sims 4 game will be adapted for consoles, but the newest info from EA says that they will bring the game for the newest generation of consoles. It’s not likely that the Sims 4 will be adapted for consoles, but rather the Sims 5. Which means that the assumption of the game appearing in 2019 is even more probable, since the next generation of consoles will appear somewhere between 2017 and 2019.

Even though the EA team has affirmed that they won’t release a new version of the game if the Sims 4 doesn’t sell well, recent discussion on the web is that EA is focusing on the new version of the game already. Some people accused EA of playing a diversion game so that they keep fans riled up. Grant Rodiek has answered these fans by saying: “For one, we just recently launched this new forum. Secondly, before the game launched I wasn’t able to discuss everything as openly as I’m able to do now. At this point, EA and Maxis are working on new expansion packs and they want to add micro transactions, but it’s not sure if these changes will keep the franchise alive.”

So, even if the rumors aren’t true about the Sims 5, we at least know they have some new expansion packs coming up for the Sims 4.