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Pokemon Go has been on the market for a few weeks now and players can discovered a few useful things to help their gameplay and ‘cheat’ the game by manipulating the game mechanics.

Hatching Eggs

To hatch an egg the player need to physically move around while the app is still open; doing this can take a lot of work plus some players have noticed that the game doesn’t always count the distance moved. Players have found a sneaky way around this.

Just let the phone move around by itself somehow. This is done by attaching the device to something slow moving such as a Roomba Vacuum Cleaner, a train set or even a fan. The game will count the distance moved and put it towards hatching the egg. It’s a lazy way to do it but it actually works.

Additionally, the player character model moves around on it’s own when the app is open for periods of time. Installing an app to keep the screen turned on is also possible which will slowly grind distance moved for the eggs.

Eevee evolution

There is no way to evolve Eevee into a specific evolution. Or at least, that’s what players initially thought. Testing has revealed there’s a simple way to make Eevee evolve into whichever evolution the player wants by just naming the Pokemon.

Sparky – Results in Jolteon
Rainer – Results in Vaporeon
Pyro – Results in Flareon

This easter egg is a reference to the original Pokemon TV series where Ash and his friends encounter four brothers who all had Eevees; the names for this trick are actually the names of the brothers in the show who owned that Pokemon.

Apparently this only works once if the player doesn’t have that species logged in their Pokedex.

Swipe the Pokeball for Quick Menu Access

To quickly access the different menus just swipe the PokeBall icon at the bottom of the screen in the direction of the desired menu. For example, players can swipe left to instantly access the Pokemon menu.

This isn’t game changing but it saves a lot of time and can be incredibly useful.

More tips, tricks and cheats for Pokemon Go can be found online and most Pokemon Go players are happy to share their knowledge with other trainers.

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