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Pokemon Go has finally been released and some fans have been scratching their heads as they try to understand exactly how the battles work; Gym battles allow players to train their Pokemon and capture the Gym for their team. It’s a big feature in the game and there is little instruction given in game about Gym battles so it’s understandable why a large number of players are confused.

The idea is simple, players tap to attack and swipe to dodge. Special attacks need to be charged first by using normal attacks, once the stamina meter has charged enough the player can tap and hold to use their special attack. Players can also create their own Pokemon Gym roster to use in battles.

On the surface it’s a very simple concept but it hides the more technical aspects of battle. Each Pokemon is a specific Type which is stronger or weaker than other specific Types, all Pokemon fans know this however there are some other things to consider. The move set has some influence over the battle but again, there are other important things to consider.

Combat Points level can be powered up however this does not do much to change the battle stats of a Pokemon; the base attack, stamina and defence points are consistent across the species. Every species has different stats which makes some Pokemon naturally more powerful than others.

There’s a few more basic things as well that can help swing the fate of a battle; during Gym battles, players have access to their bag to use potions and revivals mid-fight at any time. This may not sound like a game changer but sometimes, just keeping a few on hand can be game-changer.

In summary:

  • Tap the enemy to use a basic attack and build stamina
  • Tap and hold to use a special attack on the enemy
  • Swipe to dodge attacks
  • Create a varied Pokemon Gym battle team with different Types and Species of Pokemon
  • Each Species has different battle stats
  • Always keep potions and revivals ready for Gym battles