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According to new reports, Apple will release an iPad Mini 5 device along with its new iPhone 7 and Macbook Pro 2016. If this proves to be right, then the three mentioned devices will be released sometime in September 2016.

There are also rumors suggesting that Apple is also working on a new variant of iPad. However, Apple didn’t confirm any of these rumors regarding the iPad Mini 5.

iPad Mini 5: Rumors, Features and Price

According to Macworld, the iPad Mini 5 will be powered by an A9 processor. For some reason, the device is expected to feature a weaker battery compared to the 5124 mAh battery that the iPad Mini 4 features. However, this will not affect the battery life, as the new processor will consume less power than the A8 processor that the iPad Mini 4 has.

The iPad Mini 5 is expected to support a 3D Touch screen feature and likewise the iPhone 7, it will NOT come with a 3.5mm earphone jack, suggesting that you will need wireless headphones/earphones to connect to your device. There are also reports suggesting that Apple might improve the display of the iPad Mini 5.

Storage And Price

When it comes to the storage, the iPad Mini 5 is expected to be released in three internal storage variants. It seems that Apple will most likely not release the device with an internal memory of 16GB and instead, it will arrive in variants of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Below we will list the prices that will be available for the three variants of the iPad Mini 5:

– iPad Mini 5 32GB: $450
– iPad Mini 5 64GB: $500
– iPad Mini 5 128GB: $600.

Release Date

As we’ve told you above, the iPad Mini 5 is expected to be released sometime in September 2016. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date when this will happen, but as soon as we will find out, we will let you know!

Will you purchase the iPad Mini 5 when it will be released or do you think that the (rumored) price is too high?