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Bethesda is released two types of DLCs for its Fallout 4: story-based add-ons and Workshop packs. The current Workshop pack brought Vault-Tec, which allows players to craft an entirely new settlement, but this vault will be unlocked only when reaching level 20. Also, once they succeed this, players start hearing a broadcast from Vault 88, and they are asked to come to the Quincy Quarries location, because there’s a serious emergency.

You should know that everyone inside the vault 88 turned into ghouls, because when the bombs fell, the vault was incomplete. But there’s a friendly ghoul named Valery Barsto, who wants to get Vault 88 up and running and she needs your help. With this occasion, you will be able to conduct experiments on the settlers and enjoy some The Sims-style activities. You will either listen to Overseer Barstow’s demands or you’ll have the freedom to do whatever you think that will bring happiness to the residents of Vault 88.

After clearing everything out, you’ll put a settler named Clem through his paces, and then you’ll start running experiments. There are five Fallout 4 Vault-Tec experiment quests and each one requires a Terminal, which is easy to build using two pieces of rubber, pieces of copper and pieces of circuitry and four pieces of aluminum. Then, you will need one bolt of electricity for your Terminal to run.

In order to conduct the first experiment, you’ll need the Power Cycle 1000 Prototype which is composed of four steel, three screws, two rubber, two copper and two bolts of electricity. Also, someone will use it.

For the second experiment, you’ll need the Soda Fountain Prototype, which consists of six steel, three glass and two bolts of electricity.

The third experiment will require the Phoropter Prototype, which is more difficult to build, as you’ll use four steel, 25 nuclear material, three glass, two aluminum and three electricity bolts.

For the fourth experiment, you’ll need the Slot Machine Prototype, which is built from four steel, two circuitry, two gears, two screws, and two plastic.

Now, with these machines, you’ll be able to do whatever you want.