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Downloading an Emulator for the iOS is more complicated than it is for Android devices; Apple is strict on them with the Apple Store which makes it difficult to download them through the store. Instead, users need to use alternative methods which can be pretty risky as some contain dangerous Malware that can damage mobile devices.

There are very few good Nintendo DS Emulators available for the iOS platform due to the difficulty of accessing Emulators on this platform.


This is probably the best Emulator around for iOS devices and runs the Nintendo DS games smoothly; it needs to be downloaded from the official website to the device and the website also lists game files which can be played once the files have been downloaded. It may be a little be complicated to some players but this definitely provides one of the best experiences possible and the bonus settings makes it possible to customize the controls.


For this one, players will need to jailbreak the device using Pangu9, instructions on how to do this can be found of the official website. The Emulator can reach up to 60 fps on most current models for the iPhone and iPad which is something other Emulators cannot do. It offers a smooth experience for a large number of games which definitely makes this one of the best Emulators around.


Users will need to jailbreak their device to install this Emulator but it’s certainly worth the trouble; this is not just a Nintendo DS Emulator, it words for a variety of consoles including Nintendo GameBoy devices, SuperNintendo and PlayStation One. It works with a range of game files and is relatively lag free.


This Emulator is slightly more complicated than the rest; the user need to assemble the app themselves by following the very specific instructions given on the official website. It works with newer iOS devices and allows players to play a range of games. This is still a work in progress and is actively being developed for both iOS and Android devices.