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The Nintendo 3DS is the most recent handheld console from Nintendo; it’s the successor to the Nintendo DS console and currently there are very few Emulators for this device.

There are three confirmed 3DS Emulators in development right now: Citra, 3dmoo and TronDS. Other Emulators can be found online but these are fakes which are potentially filled with Malware. These three Emulators are all Windows based however Citra is multi-OS compatible with Mac and Linux also.

While these Emulators are still in development, they can be downloaded through their official websites; currently they do not run commercial games very well and are mostly used for homebrew games. Citra is the most advanced Emulator in the group and can run commercial games however, they are laggy and the performance is not very good yet.

These Emulators have been in development for several years and are still works in progress; the advanced security in the 3DS has been causing some trouble for Emulator developers which has delayed their creation so much.

None of these Emulators are recommended just yet and those interested in the 3DS Emulators should keep a close eye on the development for each one. When downloading one, it’s wise to only do it through the official website; there are fake versions of these Emulators available online which have been modified to add Malware into their files.

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