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In the near future, Sony will introduce the PS4 Neo and Microsoft will bring the Xbox One Scorpio. Both consoles are expected to support 4K and VR, but while the PS4 Neo will be an improved version of the current PS4, as it will have an upgraded processor, the Xbox One Scorpio will be even more advanced and its computer power will be measured in “FLOPS”. Here’s a short comparison between the two consoles, based on rumored specs.

Both Microsoft and Sony will bring 4K, High Dynamic Range gaming and high-end virtual reality on their upcoming consoles, which will be compatible with VR headsets. Gamers won’t need to have a 4K TV to enjoy their gaming experience, as they will notice only a small difference when playing on a 1080p television set. The PS4 will be compatible with Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, while the Scorpio is rumored to work with Oculus.

The internal specs of the PS 4 Neo haven’t been confirmed by Sony, but reports suggest that it will 4.14 teraflops of GPU power. As for Scorpio, Pocket Lint claims that the console will have six teraflops of computing power. Gamers will barely notice the difference between their performance, because teraflops don’t reflect the full graphical power of a console.

However, theoretically, the Scorpio will be powered by a processor clocked at 2.1GHz, which will be backed by 12GB DDR5 of RAM. If rumors will prove to be true, then the PS4 Neo could boast an eight-core 64 bit AMD processor also clocked at 2.1GHz, which will be paired with 8GB GDDR5 RAM.

On the other hand, Trusted Reviews has warned that the PS4 Neo won’t be capable to support 4K gaming because of its weaker specs, which means that it’s worth taking into consideration the fact that Sony might only improve framerates and games will be pushed up to a 60fps standard.

The PS4 Neo could be announced before the PlayStation VR headset, which will go on sale on October 13. Alphr thinks that Sony will not release it before Christmas 2017.