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Recently, WhatsApp has released in New Delhi an update for their iOS version. Long awaited by the fans and users of this app worldwide, the update has lots of new interesting features. The developers focused on including a zooming feature for recording videos, enlarging the emojis used and making possible deleting several chats at the same time, which was not possible until now.

WhatsApp did not enlarge all the emojis though. If you only send one emoji, it will indeed appear enlarged, but if you send several emojis together, they will keep their initial size. Also, users who receive the update will be able to record a video while zooming in or out. For this, you will need to tap the camera in the app for starting the recording, and then to slide up and down with the phone. An interesting feature for this is the fact that when you start zooming in, the recording stops and it starts again only when you have found the best frame to continue filming.

Another interesting addition is the fact that the Edit button now has more options. You will now be able to archive chats, marked them as read or even delete them with just using this button. However, the deleting option is only available for individual chats, so you will still have to delete group chats one by one.

Many people were fascinated with the new theme they chose for the emojis, namely the Olympics. This is in order to celebrate the Olympic Games that will soon start taking place in Rio.

This is the most recent of a long line of improvements developers brought to their WhatsApp chatting app, following call back and voice mail options.