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Nowadays communication has become quite complicated. Maybe your best friend likes to talk on Messenger, but your family prefers WhatsApp and your partner loves Skype. This is the case with many people who have complained (or not) about the amount of chat apps and programs they are using everyday. The solution is to choose an All-in-One Messenger.

This kind of app that manages to bring together all your chatting accounts is now available for Chrome. It is free, which is great, and it is basically a web chat client that allows people to use all their other chat accounts in one place and at the same time. Now it’s easier than ever to have all your messages in one place and to communicate with everybody, instead of endlessly moving through the apps and switching them around.

However, this is not a new concept, of integrating several apps in one. There has already been another app called Franz that offers pretty much same thing. This is used by many people with quite positive reviews, and who wouldn’t be happy not to have to change the app every time you want to chat with a different person?

But what’s even cooler about the All-in-One Messenger app is the fact that the developers did not stop at the classic chat clients, they have also included others. As such, you can access WhatsApp, Skype and Slack, but also Steam Chat, Telegram, WeChat, Yahoo Messenger, Hip Chat, Grape, Hangouts, Group Me, Gitter, Steam Chat, ChatWork, Flowdock and many, many more. Of course, due to this large array of chats supported by the app, more and more will be comfortable with using it, and this leads to high hopes when it comes to the upcoming downloads.