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The Summer Olympic Games will kick off on August 5 and will last exactly 17 days. In order to celebrate this international multi-sport event, WhastApp is offering users the ability to send the Olympic rings as an emoji. It is a hidden emoji and it will be unlocked only next week, but users are able to unearth the iconic logo from within the application.

The latest WhatsApp version 2.16.7 for iOS brought larger emojis and the ability to zoom when recording videos. Now, Android users are getting new features and other improvements, such as reduced load times and a new Mark All As Read option, which allows users to mark as read multiple conversations at once.

The new Olympic emoji hasn’t been announced by the developers, so it was a real surprise to see it tucked inside the latest update of the application for Android. Users can find it hidden inside the emoji repository, but iOS users will need to type a secret code that looks like this: ◯◯◯◯◯ (five circles outside of WhatsApp). After sending these symbols through a message, they will transform into the iconic five interlocking rings and recipients will use them to paste the code into new conversations.

iOS users have received four new features such as zoom in/out videos, which allows them to zoom and zoom-out a video while recording it, but sliding their finger up or down; emoji will appear larger when sent singularly; chats will open faster and users will easily scroll to the beginning or to end of the chat; chats can be marked as read by tapping the Edit button from the top of the chats tab; and finally, WhatsApp Web/ Desktop is a new setting that allows users to make changes on WhatsApp for web, directly on their smartphones. Unfortunately, none of these features is available yet for Android. Also, the latest beta update for Android is 2.16.201 and it brings only small improvements.