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Missing your iPhone could happen anytime or anywhere. You may leave it in the car or at a friend’s place, etc. anything could happen so be prepared for it. If you have an Apple Watch, then enable the Ping feature in it and pair it with the iPhone so that it will sound of Ping loudly and you will get to know where your phone is.

This pinging feature is very important for all those youngsters, adults or oldies who forget their phones here or there. Just enable this ping option and then you will not miss your phone anywhere.

How to connect it with the Apple Watch:

For making this feature work, it is very essential to connect both of the devices together. If they will not be paired, then you will not be able to make it work. The steps are:

  • Swipe to the Glances from the face of Apple Watch.
  • Switch the screen till you get to the control panel area of the Glance, where the options of Do Not disturb, Airplane mode, connection status and Airplay are mentioned. You will see that the status of the iPhone would be appearing in green color, which means connected and the Ping iPhone is enabled. If the devices are very much a part, then you will not be able to locate the phone and you will have to use the lost iPhone feature.
  • You have to tap on the Ping iPhone button and the sound of the phone will be coming out.

If the phone would be near you somewhere and connected with your Apple Watch, then you can get to hear it immediately.

When you will hear the loud voices, continue to chase it until you find it and the sound gets closer.

Make the camera flash lighten with the Ping

There is another method through which you can locate the lost iPhone with the camera’s flash. In this method, the sound will give you ding voice only. You just have to press the Ping key and the camera flash will start flashing with the chirping sounds. If an iPhone is lost in a gloomy room, then you can easilsy locate it.

To make this feature advertised, the Apple has made the commercial that is called “find”.

Remember that if the option is showing red color, then it means your iPhone and Apple Watch is not interconnected.