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Rockstar is making the last preparation for the release of the Stunt Race Creator, which will arrive next week. Cunning Stunts is the current update which came with 13 new vehicles and 16 official stunt races, then a new mini-update brought another three rides and six maps. The game has also received motorcycles and cars in many classes and Premium Races was introduced for professional players.

The new mini-update Rockstar adds a new batch of officially built stunt races, three new vehicles and a ride that’s an actual surprise. There are five new races that focus on various vehicle classes: the Chiliad Stunt Race is for super cars, H200 is for sports cars and it has a water theme, Over The Bridge is set in an industrial dock environment and it will take you up in the air, where you’ll use a helicopter or jetpack, Vespucci is a stunt race and you’ll drive either on the streets, or you’ll be taken to some platforms and floating tubes, while the Wave is a coastal stunt race for cyclists.

As for the new vehicles, they are the MTL Dune Globe Oil livery ($GTA 1,300,000), MTL Dune Fukaru Racing Livery ($GTA 1,380,000), Vapid Contender ($GTA 250,000) and Bravado Buffalo ($GTA 535,000), which was leaked two weeks ago. These prices were unveiled by Reddit user arestopies1.

The contender looks stylish and even if it will take a few hits, it will go on like nothing has happened. Also, in the new Cunning Stunts DLC, the Premium Race is challenging only the toughest players who dare to invest 20k in order to walk away with 100k.

In addition, players who will log into their GTA Online accounts until August 1st will be able to unlock a free gold jumpsuit, they will get double RP for all stunt races, twice the regular cash payout and a discount of 20 percent on all vehicle resprays and neon additions, while the Nimbus Jet and Volatus Heli will be discounted by 30 percent.

GTA Online players are expecting the Stunt Race Creator to arrive next Tuesday, on August 2.