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Recently, there have been some Clash Royale championships taking place in Shanghai. On this occasion, we have seen the introduction of a deck that has been closely monitored in the last weeks: the Lava Hound/ Miner one. Indeed, this deck requires you to have 3 Legendary cards, but it’s definitely fun and useful, especially if you have the cards you need.

When it comes to the cards, this deck consists in the following: Guards, Minions, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Princess, Miner, Zap, Lava Hound and Poison. The goal of the deck is, obviously, to make the Lava Hound you have reach the Crown Tower of your enemy. Also, the Lava Pups should bring serious damage to the opponent after the death of the Hound. On the other hand, the Miner serves best to take on the attacks from the Crown Towers.

Remember that the 6 Lava Pups have 180 hit points each at the first level, so each of them can receive 2 hits from Arena Tower and 3 from King Tower. Also, you can use the Pup for giving your opponent 45 damage a second, which if you multiply by 6, it reaches 270 damage a second!

The supporting cards have a great role too. Poison, for instance, can deal damage at the same time with slowing down opponent troops and attacks from towers. Princess offers support for the damaged area from a distance where it’s safe. Minions are also useful for killing defense troops while they are attacking the Lava Hound. Finally, Zap is used to kill small troops like the (Spear) Goblins, or to offer the Pups or Miner extra seconds for dealing out damage.

This deck does not require an Elixir Collector, so you can safely use the Lava Hound as the first card.

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